Aurora Wold: Chef/Owner, Founder

Aurora Wold: Chef/Owner, Founder


Aurora Wold is the head chocolatier, founder, and heart behind one of Philadelphia's finest confectionaries, Aurora Grace Chocolates. After working in a multitude of different restaurants in New York, Aurora found her true passion for chocolate in the kitchens of Jean Georges and Eleven Madison Park. Initially learning tricks of the trade working at The Musket Room, Aurora never went to culinary school. Having been fortunate enough to have several generous Chefs along the way teach her, Aurora rose through the ranks of the New York restaurant industry.

In June of 2017, Aurora opened Aurora Grace, a confectionery specializing in hand-made, luxurious treats, including uniquely flavored hand-shelled bonbons, slow-cooked caramels, crisp toffees, nougats, pate de fruit, marshmallows, and nostalgic candy bars. Her attention to details and dedication to excellence is what makes Aurora's chocolates so incredibly delicious! No matter what you choose from Aurora Grace, Aurora has ensured it’s going to be one of the best sweets you’ve ever had! 

After several years of working in Michelin Starred kitchens, Pastry Chef Aurora Wold made the move to Philadelphia to open her own business. She worked her way up through the ranks; starting as a dish washer in Ithaca, New York, spending time in savory at L'amante in Burlington, Vermont, to working at The Musket Room (One Michelin Star), and Jean Georges (Three Michelin Stars), before landing at San Pellegrino World's Best Restaurant: Eleven Madison Park (Three Michelin Stars).

At Aurora Grace, we provide the highest quality artisanal, handcrafted product. We use sustainably sourced chocolate; our ingredients are local, seasonal, and organic when possible. All of our chocolates are painted by hand, creating a unique work of art in every bite.

Welcome to Aurora Grace

As a skilled chocolatier, I am committed to creating the most exquisite truffles and confections in Philadelphia. I have trained under New York City's finest Michelin-starred chefs including Daniel Humm, Jean-Georges, and Matt Lambert; Staged in Europe, spent time at Noma, catered to royalty and celebrities, and worked alongside some of the most talented chefs in the world. Working in the rigorous machine that is the world's best restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, I learned what it is to bring the intensity and passion that is required to be the best and I can't wait to share my work with the world embodying that spirit.

We work in painstakingly small batches, entirely by hand, to bring you only the best sweets. We take meticulous care to ensure every piece is flawless for our customers. Made in Philadelphia, using locally sourced, all-natural ingredients: fresh sweet cream, cultured butter, and premium chocolate sourced from Valrhona, some of the highest quality chocolate on the market today.